Stirchley Salon

Stirchley Salon is a regular-ish event at Artefact Projects where artists and makers are invited to talk about their work to an audience of peers and interested persons. It happens every month or so on a Wednesday.


The format is friendly and informal with questions and comments welcome. Think of it less as a presentation, more as a conversation framed and directed by the artists work, sparking ideas and collaborations within Stirchley’s vibrant artist communities.


Speakers should be able to talk for 15 minutes or so about an aspect of their creative practice. It could be an important piece of work from their past, a new work in progress, an interesting failure, how they developed their methods, why they do what they do, or something else entirely. Following this will be questions and comments. Discussions will be moderated for relevance and diversity of voices but otherwise left to freewheel.


Each salon lasts about 90 minutes including a break and feature one to three artists or makers. What happens afterward is up to you!


Stirchley Salon is organised by Pete Ashton and Jonny Graney with the long-term goal of being self-sustaining and run by the local community. It is free to attend though you're welcome to buy the speakers a drink.


If you're planning to attend, please sign up to this mailing list to be informed of the next Salon.


If you would like to speak at a salon please talk to Jonny at Artefact

or email


Previous Stirchley Salons


September 12th: JoJo Wood and Hipkiss & Graney

October 10th: Stuart Whipps and Kruse

November 14th: Ian Andrews and Matt Westbrook.

December 12th: Larissa Shaw and Lewes Herriot


February 13th: Nadia Kisseleva and Stephan Lawrence

March 13th: Kate Spence

May 22nd: Sam Frank Wood, Samiir Saunders and Ellie Koepke

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