Proximal Orbit/ Intimate Placeholder, newnewmoon.

Proximal Orbit / Intimate Placeholder is a series of collaborations, performances and sculptures that look at the variety of ways we create intimate connections with one another. Throughout February Artefact will host newnewmoon’s video works, workshops, wall-based collages and speed dating activities that will enhance brief periods of bonding between people who are relative strangers. newnewmoon are a collaborative collective who use a range of different mediums, spaces and bodies to connect with others, each other, architecture, the spiritual realm and the cosmos. They are particularly interested in using movement, music and other universal languages to communicate shared moments. For Proximal Orbit / Intimate Placeholder, newnewmoon feature collaborative artworks by: Emily Scarrott, Psychedelic Dance Collective, Sound Interventions and members of the LGBTIQ community.


Programme of events:



Wednesday 7th February 7-9pm


Working with members of the LGBTIQ community, newnewmoon will be creating a series of fabric flags for emotional spaces. Using a range of materials and some basic limitations, participants will design and make flags that will represent an aspect of who they are as individuals, whilst exhibiting as part of a whole. FREE. Materials supplied. Booking essential. Spaces limited to eight.


Proximal Orbit/ Intimate Placeholder LAUNCH

Friday 9th February 7pm-9 (with performance at 7:30pm)


Proximal Orbit/ Intimate Placeholder will launch with a performance of their catalogue text. Four members of the public will be invited to read aloud from the catalogue which is written in play-form. newnewmoon will then invite you to join us in creating sacred spaces through the powerful medium of disco. FREE, no booking needed.



Friday 16th February 6-8 / Friday 23rd February 6-8


A bit like speed dating, ORBIT is four tables with four activities. Each activity is on a ten minute cycle and will focus on creating and blurring intimate moments between performer and participant. Using drawing, music making and conversation, ORBIT will feature on two successive Fridays. FREE, no booking needed.



Saturday 24th February 8-11


A last chance to connect with some strangers through some table-based intimate moments, before Proximal Orbit/ Intimate Placeholder transforms into a disco graveyard for newnewmoon’s closing number. Free, no booking needed.