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Artefact is a cooperative art space, and we're welcoming new members.


Artefact relies on the work of its members to make the events, workshops and exhibitions possible. If you like the work we do, enjoy the events and like spending time here, then why not become a member owner of our worker cooperative? 

Our events, arts programme and workshops are all devised, programmed and looked after by our members. 

Members also work at the bar and maintain the space. There are loads of opportunities to be involved in putting on exhibitions, concerts, workshops and other events adding to the already diverse array of stuff we do.

All full members of Artefact are expected to contribute a minimum of two six hour shifts per month, helping out with events and running the cafe/bar. 


We work with a DIY ethos, so it's important for members to muck in and help with whatever needs doing. Skills in exhibition building, accounting, coffee making, event production, art making and facilitation and beer/wine are all relevant.


We’re currently all working for free. The dream is to build the cooperative up, and to sustain paid employment for members in the future. As a cooperative, we are committed to training and developing our members' skill sets, and helping them gain experience in all the areas of running an artist-run DIY space. 


If you want to play a key role in sustaining a community-focused, cooperative arts space in Stirchley, please contact us with a short expression of interest, detailing your relevant experience at:

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Opening Times:

Thursday: 6pm-11pm

Friday: 12pm-11pm

Saturday: 12pm-11pm

Our gallery opening times are currently reduced as we try to reopen steadily and safely but we will be looking to open more days in the future.