FAM Art Collective Group Show, Sarah Fortes-Mayer, Dea Paradiso, Katie Eccleston-Bokor, Craig Green, Katharine Wade, Jonathan Graney.

16th May- 20th July.

Residency 1, Vicky Roden.


Residency 2, Hipkiss & Graney.


Residency 2, Hipkiss & Graney.


Residency 3, Alicia Rodriguez.


Residency 4, Francesca Goodwin.


Residency 5, Winter of Desire, Rachel Mayfield.

24th September- 20th December.


The Leaveners, textiles and writing workshops.

24th February- 20th March 

Hot and Cold Heroes, Mila Siemko.

30th April- 7th May. 

Ferocious Mutations, Noah Montenegro.

16th June- 10th July. 

Ingot Studios, Kali Louise, Artsiom Albach, Tom Cahill-Jones, Marie- Claire Calatraba, Steve Coel, Hipkiss & Graney, Tom Heinsohn, Jane McGuiness, Mark Murphy, Genevieve Pearson.

18th July- 5th August. 

Collage Season, Kali Louise, Mark Murphy, Bethan McKnight Ed Wakefield.

7th August- 5th October. 

Synthesiser, Roxie Collins.

October 8th- 10th November. 

Palindrome, Emma Pavey.

November 12th- 5th January. 


Black Lives Matter, Artivists.

7th January- 20th February. 

BRAND, Gina A. Smith.

25th February- 20th March. 

ARTEFACT group show.

25th March- 30th May. 

sitcom laughing. Emily Spakes.

4th- 30th May. 

KA. James Turner.

13th May- 30th June. 

Thinking About Painting, Kevin Ryan.

3rd- 30th June.

Gareth Austin and Graham Jones.

1st- 15th July.

Shrine, Alex Billingham.

28th July- 26th August.

Jack Foster.

9th- 29th September.

To Touch Peace (of floating things), Megan Scott.

10th November- 2nd December.

Stripped, Nadia Kisseleva.

3rd- 27th October 2017.

Artefact Christmas Exhibition 2017.

8th December- 9th January.


English Gothic, Paul Newman.

12th January- 3rd February.

Selected Paintings, Ian Burch

19th May- 2nd June.

EXP: Summer Salon

8th- 16th June.

Co-operative Fortnight

23rd June- 7th July

Selected Paintings, Gareth Austin and Graham Jones.

10th- 25th July.


Open Zine Archive

16th- 23rd July


Oak Apple Orchestra, Paul Gittins.

3rd August- 8th September



14th September - 13th October.



A Pillar Upon Which to Stretch the Writhing Map by Caitlin Hickling & Megan Kelly.

19th October - 17th November.