Artefact has big plans for the future!

Artefact is just one of a host of cooperative organisations in Stirchley. Together we make Stirchley Cooperative Development.

Together we are planning to build a brand new sustainable co-op development made up of all of Stirchley's workers and housing


If you'd like to support Stirchley's rich heritage of co-operatives and would like to help secure its future - then check out our new development project here!

Stirchley Co-operative Development (SCD) is a group of local people in housing and worker co-operatives who are building an affordable and eco-friendly residential and retail premises in the heart of Stirchley. We plan to develop land on Pershore Road to house three local businesses along with 45 apartments.

Artefact is currently closed for the foreseeable future!

Artefact is closed for the foreseeable future, due to the Covid19 Pandemic, but don't worry...

...because we are launching a new creative workshop series for everyone to take part in! All ages, all experiences, all abilities. To learn about our current big community art project, click here.

Artefact is working tirelessly to redevelop many of our public events and community arts project so you can still take part even whilst self-isolating! 

Our local community have been fantastically supportive and reassuring. We will make sure to continue producing arts and community focused projects during this period and we think this crisis will only make us all the more resourceful, compassion and creative.

What is happening with all of Artefacts projects? 

Like all arts organisations across the UK, we've had to postpone all projects, exhibitions and events we had planned for 2020...

The biggest of these projects was Ten Acres of Sound. A community fête of experimental sound production and performance. We'd like to thank everyone who supported Ten Acres of Sound both financially and emotionally. We stress that it has only been postponed and we are spending our closure period reorganising it!

If you were unaware of Ten Acres of Sound, then check out our short film below...

Can Artefact help deliver your workshop, research project or community event?


Check out everything we can do here or contact us to discuss how we can help deliver your event.