Upcoming Art Workshops!

Wednesday 29th January, 6-8pm.

Come along to Artefact to take part in a free animation workshop led by the artist duo Juneau Projects!

The work you create at this exhibition will be shown as part of an exhibition at Moseley Road Baths!

All welcome!

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Upcoming Spoken Word Events

Storyvibes: There's More Than One Way To Be Stoopid 

Alys Torrance & Chloe Bezer

and Jemima Hughes

"All the world is mad except me and thee and I’m none too
sure about thee."

Folktales are full of misfits, twits and holy fools. Embrace your inner idiot! Wonder when a door is not a door. Investigate why the dead chicken crossed the road. And, most importantly, unravel the riddle of who else is Else? These are stories that start with a laugh and end on the wild Other-side of life. Join Chloe Bezer (singer songwriter, ‘cellist and catastrophiser) and Alys Torrance (storyteller, clown and panicky optimist) on a madcap music-laced misadventure, just as soon as they’ve worked out how to jump into their trousers.

Alys Torrance also co-hosts StoryJam (with Lucy Lill) in South London.

There are a limited number of Open Mic performance slots available. Our slots are up to 8 minutes each. If you'd like to perform then please apply early via our email address: storyvibes.night@gmail.com.

Starts: 7:30pm
Pay £5 entry on the door at Artefact or via our Eventbrite link.
Free entry for our Open Mic performers

Upcoming Live Music 

LIVE SET: Lee Boswell

Friday 31st January, 7-8pm.

To celebrate the new year we've started 2020 off with a programme of live music from Rosie PM, Std.mdl, MTMBO, Lee Boswell and SADMAN! 

Upcoming Film Nights

Wednesday 22nd January, 7-10.30pm

Join us for the first Magic Cinema of the decade. Expect another delectable display of audio-visual wizardry from artists near and far.



We'll show anything that's submitted as long as it's less than 15 minutes long and someone comes along to introduce it. Slots given on first-come-first-served basis. Submit to: themagiccinema@live.co.uk

Free entry!

Upcoming Reading Groups


Marxist Reading Group

Wednesday 22th January, 7-9pm.

Join BookMarx, our regular Marxist reading group. A friendly and welcoming group- all welcome!


For those who have read Marx before or for those who are interested in starting and for those who would like to hear and take part in analysis of Marx's writings.

Thursday 5th March, 7-9pm.

Join us for our regular speculative fiction and dystopian/ utopian literature book club: IS THIS TOMORROW?

Can Artefact help deliver your workshop, research project or community event?


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