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The Artefact Xmas Quiz!!

Saturday 19th September


THE ARTEFACT CHRISTMAS QUIZ 2020 is finally here!!

Hold out your hand and let the Eternal Quizmaster Sebastien Ros take you on a festive journey of trivia, general knowledge and more bonus rounds than you can fit in your biggest stocking. Teams can be made of an unlimited number of people and households. Quiz will be taking place on Twitch! All you need to do is sign yourself up to twitch and follow the link provided when the quiz begins.


Artefact would like to thanks everyone who has supported their local artist-ran gallery and bar throughout 2020.
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Lots of love,
The Artefact Team

The Artefact Quiz Xmas Special Live Stream

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Together we are planning to build a brand new sustainable co-op development made up of all of Stirchley's workers and housing


If you'd like to support Stirchley's rich heritage of co-operatives and would like to help secure its future - then check out our new development project here!

Stirchley Co-operative Development (SCD) is a group of local people in housing and worker co-operatives who are building an affordable and eco-friendly residential and retail premises in the heart of Stirchley. We plan to develop land on Pershore Road to house three local businesses along with 45 apartments.

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