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Open Wednesdays, Thursdays 6-11pm,
Fridays and Saturdays, 12-11pm

Artist-led gallery, workspace and and bar in the heart of Stirchley, South Birmingham.

Check out below what's coming up in your friendly neighbourhood gallery and bar...

As always we've got new exhibitions, book clubs, experimental sound nights, board game nights, quiz nights, singing groups, live music, poetry/ spoken word and much more!

If you can't find the information online then come down to the gallery and say hello!

Marxist Reading Group

Wednesday 15th June, 7-9pm

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Are you currently reading Marx?

The Marx Book Club has been running at Artefact for a few years now. Each session they consider a paragraph and discuss Marx's views on politics and economics.

Roleplaying Boardgames Night!
Wednesday 15th June, 7-9pm


HEY!! Are you currently part of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or looking for the perfect space to start one??

The please consider Artefact!


Artefact boasts idyllic run-down tavern chic with the authentic sounds and smells of your average 13th century mead hall or longhouse. We have large windows in our front bar space that offer unspoilt vistas of harsh and unforgiving surroundings.


Our bar is fully stocked with elixirs and health potions on keg to ensure your party survive all manner of demonic forces.


We hope to see you there!


Cool Boarders Night!
Thursday 16th June, 7-10pm

Cool Boarders.jpeg

Board games provided and LOTS of them!

Get yourself down to Artefact for a pleasant evening of tabletop gaming. We have lots of games from old favourites like Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne to trading and commerce strategies like Century Spice Road and Splendor. We hope to see you soon!


Friday 17th June 7.30-10pm


AMOK is our magical monthly night of experimental sound and performance.


Our ninth edition, AMOK 9, is graced with the likes of lovely cellist, Matt phillips, who is going to hit us with some neolithic rock music (potentially).


Barrington Brook is honestly a total wild card and i've got no idea what he's going to do, but every time i've seen him live before it has changed my life.


Birmingham legend Blue Ruth will be hitting us with the big sounds, big tunes and big times. Think vacuum cleaner factory being destroyed by godzilla made out of chainsaws. With style!

AMOK a pay what you can entry charge:

(Pay what you can means literally that. Strapped for cash? Got lucky in the lottery this week? Pay whatever ticket bracket you want, no questions asked. No one will be refused for lack of funds)


9th amok since we started = woo tickets otd as usual £3/£5/£7/£9

The Artefact Quiz! June Edition

Thursday 30th June 8-10pm

Artefact quiz image.png

Our long running monthly pub quiz, written and hosted by Stirchley's premiere dreamboat, Sebastiaan Ros, quizmaster extraordinaire and all round babe.

The Artefact Quiz has your typical music, film and television rounds, picture and famous people round too but with a good healthy smattering of bonus and art rounds too! It's highly fun, highly daft and nice way to spend a Thursday evening.

Grab your team members or come along on your own and meet new people here! Get down to Stirchley, grab yourself a drink at the bar and get ready for the night of your life.

Doors open 7.30, quiz starts at 8pm.

We welcome groups using our space for their activities. If you need a supportive environment for your community meet-up get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help.